Archive: First Berkeley EECS Entrepreneurial Meetup, Nov 30 2011

What: First Berkeley EECS Entrepreneurial Meetup (Organized by CSGE)
When: Nov 30, 2011, 6:30-8:30 pm
Where: Palo Alto, CA (directions will be emailed to registered attendees)
RSVP: This event is open to all Berkeley EECS grad alumni, current EECS graduate students, postdocs, faculty and selected guests by invitation only. EECS Alumni and grad students please register on the alumni or student page (select “yes” under the “Meetup RSVP” option), faculty please RSVP here.

Currently registered: 43 EECS grad students, 5 faculty, 8 investors, 25 industry & alumni


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The first Berkeley EECS Entrepreneurial meetup will be on Wed. Nov 30, 2011, 6:30-8:30 pm in Palo Alto, CA. The evening will involve food and drink, an introduction to the CSGE, and networking with current grad students, alumni, faculty, investors and industry leaders.

Transportation will be provided for registered Attendees from Berkeley to the event and back.

Please help us spread the word to other entrepreneurial EECS alumni by contacting any that you know and encouraging them to come as well!


The following agenda is tentative.

  • 6:30 pm, General networking
  • 7:00 pm, Overview of CSGE and the culture of entrepreneurship at Berkeley, Andy Konwinski
  • 7:05 pm, Graduate student founders’ perspectives
  • 7:20 pm, An alumus founder’s perspective, Mike Olson, Cloudera
  • 7:25 pm, General networking

Archive: CSGE Hangout Wed 10/19 at 8pm

Please come to the next CSGE hangout! It will be on Wednesday, October 19 at 8pm in the Wozniak Lounge, 4th floor of Soda Hall. Hangouts are our bi-weekly social networking events open to all members of the CSGE.


Archive: CSGE Hangout Mon. 10/3 at 8pm

Come to the next CSGE hangout, Monday, October 3 at 8pm, in 380 Soda Hall! Hangouts are our bi-weekly social networking events open to all members of the CSGE.


  • Updates on the advisory board
  • Engagement with VCs, other administrative issues
  • Brief talks by Ariel Kleiner and Kurtis Heimerl on challenges and opportunities in their research fields (abstracts below)
  • QA sessions and discussion
  • General networking

Kurtis Heimerl: Modern telecommunication systems are in some ways the opposite of the Internet; they are monolithic, designed for centralized billing, identification of users, and limiting access to content. I’m going to discuss new technologies that are destabilizing and democratizing these systems, specifically the OpenBTS, OpenBSC and osmocomm projects. I will also discuss how this ongoing shift is creating new business opportunities in an enormous (5T+) industry, in the US and abroad.

Ariel Kleiner: As the quantity and recognized importance of data in the world increases, we must commensurately develop the ability to leverage it. I will discuss machine learning as a field as well as various capabilities that it provides, to the end of sparking discussion of problems and market opportunities that are amenable to or require the use of sophisticated data analysis.