CSGE Structure

The CSGE is an organization created and led by Berkeley EECS graduate students. It is structured to foster relationships between its student, alumni and faculty members. At a high level, the CSGE is composed of the following:

  • Senior Officers – The Senior Officers organize and lead the CSGE.
  • Members – 60+ graduate students (ranging from 1st to 8th year), and a growing alumni base. CSGE membership is open to any person who was once registered as part of a graduate or postdoctoral program in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley.
  • Faculty Advisors – The UC Berkeley EECS faculty contains some of the most successful entrepreneurial minds in the world. The CSGE advocates and facilitates student-faculty relationships resulting in more and better Berkeley startups.


CSGE is the glue between faculty, current students, and alumni. If you are an EECS alum, we want to meet you!. Register now or email csge-senior-officers@lists.eecs.berkeley.edu.

We are happy to introduce you, our alumni, to graduating students looking for jobs and facilitate alumni-student mentorship relationships. Most importantly, we hope you will attend our semesterly in-person bay area Meetups.


The CSGE is run by its graduate student members. If you’re an EECS grad student, get involved! To stay generally informed, join the mailing list and come to Hangouts/Meetups. Even better, become a CSGE officer to expand your network, find co-founders or mentors, or help shape the culture of entrepreneurship in the department. To become an officer, come and ask about it at the next hangout.

The CSGE helps Berkeley EECS students:
  • Find startups to join
  • Negotiate salary, equity, etc.
  • Find co-founders to start your own thing
  • Meet VCs, angels, alumni, and successful entrepreneurs